Vengeance on a Murderous Ocean

by Adam West

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The new release from Adam West, consisting of a new track and a new recording of the first song ever created by the band.

Remixes included.


released January 14, 2012

Music by Adam West: Ryan Callard, Scott Hitchcock, James Jackson and Chris Woolmington

Vox written and recorded by Ryan Callard.
Guest Vox for "One's Enough" written and recorded by Toby Walkley.
Backing vocal for "Avoid the Noid" performed by Gary Chan, Toby Walkey and Ryan.

"Watch You With The Lights Off remix" composed by show me your skeleton.

"Monsters" composed by Mr Loris.

"Noidular" composed by VA (including the stunning work of Mr Toby Walkley.)

Produced by Ryan Callard.
Mixed by Ryan Callard and Toby Walkley of Leopard Audio Productions.

The band would like to thank:
Elliott Callard, Sophie Hosken-Taylor, Ceci, Toby Walkley, Jake Belben, Gary Chan, Alissa Pope, and Simon Squire.
Without all of your help at some point along the way, this EP would not be half what it is.

Adam West used:

Performance gear:
Mapex, World Max, TRX, Sabian, Zildjian, DW, Stagg.
Orange, Peavey (guitar and bass amplification), Bogner, Marshall, Epiphone, Parker.

Recording gear:
Shure, AKG, Sontronics, and SE microphones.
Apple macintosh computers.
Adam A7X and Sennheiser monitoring.
Presonus interface technology.



all rights reserved


Adam West Somerset, UK

Adam West are a 4 piece band from Somerset, UK.

Shortly after forming in college they released their first album of 12 tracks. These tracks were met well in the live circuit of the town, but the CD was simply a collectors item for the diehards.

The band parted ways for all of about 9 months.

They have now returned with a 5 track EP, produced by Ryan and the others at Leopard Audio Productions.
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Track Name: One's Enough
I kept coming back for more, but you said One's Enough.
And as I moved away you became too cold to touch.
Is life so hard to do? I know you wanted to.

'Cause there's nothing wrong with love and being who you want to be.
And there's nothing wrong in hope and hoping for a better day.
But it's better to forget yourself in case we see what we've done, and what we've become, at the final curtain.

Your thoughts and dreams are haunted, just like you always wanted.

If I had the opportunity I wouldn't waste it on this town, it's made a monster in your mind. And now it's fallen to ground, and you've become a shadow hiding in plain sight as the darkness pulls you down and keeps you from the light.

I kept coming back (One's Enough)
But you'd turned to dust (One's Enough)
There's a monster in your mind (I don't trust)
Is this town where you want to die?

Is life so hard to do? I know you want to.
Track Name: Avoid The Noid
I'm falling to pieces- inconsolable me.
Left with nothing to say but "You've won sir, good day" as my skies darken to rain.
As we're leaving today, tasting defeat- feeling cheated and bleak, moving to a new street and blaming those who proclaim:

So what do you say?
Do you think our way?
'Cause we've nothing to do except chase after you 'till you think the same.
So what do you say?
Do you feel our way?
'Cause we've nothing to do except chase after you, do you feel the same?

Our pride was squandered for somewhere to sleep, left with nothing to say as the hurt that they'd caused was so fucking obscene.
Constantly failed, by the "figures who care".
However, it seems that it's not just you and me that feel the same.